The CRÊPE project ran from 2008 to 2010 bringing together civil society organisations (CSOs) and academics to investigate agri-environmental issues. The project concluded in December 2010.

The aims of the CREPE project were:

1. Capabilities:
To strengthen CSOs’ capacity to participate in research, while engaging with diverse perspectives and expertise – thus facilitating co-operation between researchers and non-researchers, as well as between academics and CSOs.

2. Co-operative research methods: To design, implement, evaluate retrospectively and thus test the methods used for co-operative research in this project, as a basis to inform future efforts.

3. Agri-environmental issues: To analyse diverse accounts of ‘the environment’ in relation to agricultural methods, technologies, innovations and alternatives.

4. Priority-setting: To relate research more closely to societal needs, as a means to inform policy debate and research priorities for Europe as a ‘Knowledge-Based Society’.

5. Solutions: To suggest alternative solutions related to different understandings of societal problems, agri-environmental issues and sustainable development.