WP8: Cooperative Research

Workshop on Research with CSOs for sustainable development: Reflecting on experience

Timing: 29th September 2010
London Venue:
The Open University, 1-11 Hawley Crescent, London NW1 8NP
near Camden Town tube station; also Camden Road railway station

Workshop aims:

  • To compare participants’ experiences of doing research with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) relevant to sustainable development.
  • To evaluate strengths and weaknesses of those experiences, as a basis to draw lessons for future efforts.
  • To clarify how such research benefits research and the wider society.
  • To bring together material for publication in a journal special issue.
  • To analyse how such research helps to open up issues of sustainable development to civil society perspectives.

Questions for discussion:

  1. How do researchers and non-researchers cooperate in research activities relevant to sustainable development?
  2. How does such research relate to policy frameworks of sustainable development?
  3. How do they work together to produce new knowledge, to develop new understandings and learn from one another?
  4. What inquiry processes are involved?
  5. How does such research relate to policy issues? E.g. in the research design?
  6. What lessons may be learned for future efforts?
  7. What areas require further research?

Participants: mainly research projects and some civil society organisations (CSOs) involved in them (as researchers or non-researchers).

Please contact mct-crepe AT open.ac.uk if you wish to attend.

Some places may be available for people wishing to present papers. If you are interested please send a short (approx 300 words) abstract speaking to the above themes by 9th August 2010.

Workshop organised by the project, ‘Co-Operative Research on Environmental Problems in Europe’ (CREPE), funded by the Science in Society Programme during 2008-10, www.crepeweb.net
Deputy Coordinator: Dr Sue Oreszczyn, CREPE
E-mail: s.m.oreszczyn AT open.ac.uk
Project Secretary: Jenny Wright
Email: mct-crepe AT open.ac.uk
Tel : +44(0)1908 655708