Workshop reports: Introduction


In the CREPE project, each Work Package study held a stakeholder workshop. The workshops had several potential aims – e.g. presenting research plans or preliminary results to relevant stakeholders, obtaining their comments, attracting their longer-term involvement in the research, strengthening its relevance to them and informing the rest of the research. Some workshops also involved experts with experience in the topic under study, as a means to gain their advice or longer-term involvement.

The workshops were also designed to develop cooperative research. As a general definition, this involves researchers and non-researchers co-producing knowledge, with all participants learning from the process. Most CREPE case studies are led by civil society organisations (CSOs), which thereby play research roles in relation to other stakeholders. In most workshops the participants featured CSOs, some of which likewise carry out research, as well as individuals from other organisations. In one case (WP3) the participants were mainly agencies and businesses involved in agricultural water issues.

Each study is integrating the workshop results, e.g. new knowledge, extra methods and participatory relationships. This will be eventually reported under each Work Package.

List of WP workshop reports