WP2: CSO participation in CSA

CSO participation in community-supported agriculture (CSA)

Participation by civil society organisations (CSOs) in agri-environmental issues can be more effective within initiatives developing production alternatives which have a low environmental impact, societal needs as a driver and a sustainable development vision. Community-supported agriculture (CSA) exemplfies new sustainable agro-environmental approaches to urban areas, by defining a synergy between community basic needs, environmental protection and alternative economic practice.

Lead partner: Fondazione dei Diritti Genetici (IT), http://www.fondazionedirittigenetici.org
Contact: Brunella Pinto (pinto [AT] fondazionedirittigenetici.org)

The WP2 study does participant-observation in a Community-supported agriculture (CSA) project called the Orti Solidali, which has a blog reporting on developments

‘Community Supported Urban Agriculture: The Orti Solidali project in Rome Urban Agriculture magazine, September 2010 (Download PDF)

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>Final research report, November 2010