WP1: Agrofuels

  • Final report: WP1 on Agrofuels, 31 October 2010 by Jennifer Franco, Lucia Goldfarb, Maria Luisa Mendonça, David Fig, Mireille Hoenicke (TNI), Amsterdam NL, and Les Levidow, Open University (UK) >Download report (PDF, 490KB)
  • Assumptions in the European Union biofuels policy: Frictions with experiences in Germany, Brazil and Mozambique, for the Journal of Peasant Studies 37(4), 2010 >Download paper (PDF)
  • Impacts of Expansion of Sugarcane Monocropping for Ethanol Production
    Maria Luisa Mendonça, Network for Social Justice and Human Rights

    The Brazilian government has ignored the dimension of the environmental crises caused by the implementation of a development model based on mono-cropping and exportation. This model has caused the increase in deforestation both in the Amazon and in the Cerrado. Download summary of report in English (PDF) or read the original in Portuguese(PDF)